≪Pest control / disinfection≫ is left to experienced professional engineers.

▶ We pursue maximum results and strive daily to meet the needs of our customers.

▶ We will provide comprehensive support for housing troubles by providing quality first and prompt politeness by professional engineers through support for nationally qualified and qualified persons, in-house integrated system, strict adherence to confidentiality and privacy, and emergency dispatch.

▶ If you have any problems, please leave it to us.

Service information [partial excerpt]

Comprehensive pest control service

○ Termites, black ants, feather ants, cockroaches, rats, wasps, mites, fleas, bed bugs, tea tussock moths, centipedes, millipedes, mosquitoes, flies and other pests.

○ Wood decay / mold prevention, repair, etc. in general

○ House pest identification test

Disinfection / sterilization / epidemic prevention service

○ General housing disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, virus countermeasures, etc.

○ Insect repellent, disinfection, etc. before moving into a new home

Gardening, insect repellent on outer walls, cleaning, etc.

○ Insecticide, disinfection, pruning, logging, disposal, etc. of plants and garden trees

○ General garden management, mowing, herbicide spraying, etc.

○ Insect repellent, cleaning, etc. on the outer and outer walls


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